Showing what is and not what should be.


My goal is to have each photo trigger the emotion that was experienced in that very moment that it was taken.


Thus, a moment can result into a clear photo, or just a moody blurry one.

MG 8881
MG 9591



It is very rewarding to get positive feedback from newly-wed couples. The most recurring feedback I get is the fact that they see me more of a wedding guest than the wedding photographer. Every time I hear this, I know I did my job well. When I work, I want the couples to be in the middle of attention and I’m there to capture their fleeting moments and their whole day. Best case, they don’t even feel I’m around.


” Thank you so much for making our lockdown wedding so special! Never did we think we could have so much fun at a photo shooting. Thank you for making it so special and comfortable for us. It gave us great joy to see how passionate you are about your work and about making sure we get the best memories out of the day. To this day, we love taking out our beautiful album every once in a while and reminisce about that weird, pandemic, perfect day. And we have you to thank for. “

Sarineh & Rob, November 2020

“ We could recall all the emotions … “


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